Gourmet Menu

Please be invited to enjoy Northgerman haute cuisine!  

Actually we offer you the following dishes:

Chef Wehmann's set meal

Gruß aus der Landhaus-Küche
starter from the chef
Smoked slamon trout on water cress salad
with mustard an quail egg
Fried scallop
with kohlrabie and lobstersauce
Turbot at the bone
with fennel, tomato and olives
Spruce nail-ice cream
with its own oil
Roasted rack of venison
with chanterelles, leek and licorice
Cheese variation from the region
with homemade marmelade
Field of strawberries
with ice cream and waffle

4 course menu (without turbot, spruce nail and cheese) € 98,-

menu € 128,-

menu with corresponding drinks from our sommeliere € 219,-

You can order all dishes from Wehmanns menu as an à la carte portion.

Landhaus Scherrer's Classics

Gruß aus der Landhaus-Küche
starter from the chef
Bio-Blattsalate mit lauwarmem Hummer
medaillon of lobster with mushrooms and rosmarie vinaigrette
( à la carte € 44,50 | ½ Portion à la carte € 32,50 )
Oevelgönner Fischsuppe
clear fish soup with fish out of the North Sea, saffron, roasted bread and mousse of seasonings
( à la carte € 19,50 )
Steinbutt-Rücken im Stück gekocht
boiled slice of turbot with green apple and grated horseradish and organic vegetables
( à la carte € 54,- | ½ Portion à la carte € 36,50 )
Krosse Vierländer Ente
crispy north german duck with red cabbage, cranberries and organic pepper sauce
( à la carte € 37,50 )
Knödel mit Quark aus der Wilstermarsch
regional curd cheese dumplings with plums and ice cream
( à la carte € 16,50 )

menu € 124,50

menu with corresponding drinks from our sommelier € 209,-

You can order all dishes from the Classic's set meal à la carte as well.


Our recommendation to the asparagus time


watercress-soup                                                   €   24,50

with lobster


steamed haddok                                                     36,50

with cucumber and mustard




asparagus with organic potatos and                                                                           26,50 | ½Portion   19,50

-Tournedo  of Black Angus-Beef                                                                    24,50

-Icalf schnitzel                                                                                                21,50

-two kinds of ham with  "Holsteiner Katen ham" and cooked ham                   17,50

-fried turbot-filet                                                                                              32,50

optional with liquid butter, cucumber-vinaigrette or sauce hollandaise


ravioli with ricotta from water buffalo                                                                               36,50

with fried asparagus and tarragon

Wehmanns classic for 2 Person     
whole crispy northgerman duck - preparation time  80 Minuten -       

carved at the table and served in two courses with sweetheart cabbage, cranberries  and organic pepper sauce
- price per person € 62,50


Please let us know if you like to order our meals as a vegetarian or vegan dish.



Our menu in detail

Here you can find more information about our different sections of the menue. You can also have a closer look at our menues-archive.

Just click on read more.

The restaurant Landhaus Scherrer recently changed the menu.

But you dont need to worry about the old classics you always had in restaurant Landhaus Scherrer, because you will still find them.

The target of the change was to create a classics menu because many guests asked for a classics menu with all those delicious dishes Heinz Wehmann created over the years.
Another target was to be more creativ and regional with the daily menu and our recommendations.

Menu of the restaurant Landhaus Scherrer

The menu is divided in the following sections:

Landhaus Scherrers classics

On behalt of many guests, Heinz Wehmann created a classics menu with all those dishes that most guests loved over the years and some guests only come for those classics into the restaurant Landhaus Scherrer.
So you may choose the turbot or regional cheese dumplings, and from now on you may also have the crispy nothgerman duck as a menu portion.

For this classics menu it is worth to come to the restaurant Landhaus Scherrer, if you wish even including wine, water, coffee and digestiv from sommelier Erik Merten.

Our recommendations

The orientation of our recommendations is the saisonal calendar in order to draw attentions to the fresh regional products. Every two to four weeks our recommendations will change, all in coordination wir our poultry-, vegetables- and fruit-farmers.

Wehmann's daily menu

This menu changes, as the name shows, on a daily basis. So you are able to come serveral times a week to the restaurant Landhaus Scherrer and find different menus every time. Also, chef Heinz Wehmann is able to show his creativity and draw attention to the regional and saisonal products with new ideas and experiments.

So don't be surprised if the classical order of courses is rearranged or insted of an sorbet you get served a shooter.

Menue Archive

Do not forget to have a look at our menue-archive.